sunday rein is a little name with big meanings.  a girl.  her horse.  and moments like these.  weekend whims with loved ones, wild hearts, sunshine, and always pockets full of treats.  she's a redhead.  stubborn and feisty.  she's re-soled her cowboy boots more times than she can count.  a collector.  of rocks and feathers and bird nests and memories.  she picks up pennies on heads and flips ones on tails for the next to find luck.  she moves turtles out of the road and has raised several wild hare scooping them up from hay fields with unopened eyes.  she is inspired most by stories.  running her hands along the bark of a hundred year old tree that she wishes could talk.  burying her nose into the shoulder of her horse.  sitting in the quiet of a moonlit night.  plucking ripe tomatoes from a delicate vine or a four-leaf clover from beneath her feet.  she believes handwriting is like a handshake.  and the greatest beauty comes from what the Lord has made.  like calluses on hard worked hands or the love that hits you like a train.  the sound of rain on a tin roof or a strand of hair that tickles your nose.  she strives to be a servant.  a capturer and sharer.  through moments like these.